While having two great job candidates to choose from seems like a happy problem, it’s a problem nonetheless. Ultimately, you only have the ability to offer one of them the position, and that means you have to make a decision fairly quickly. But figuring out which person should be given the role isn’t always as easy as it sounds. To help you decide between two exceptional job candidates, here are some tips to help you determine who to pick.

Look at the Big Picture

When you first begin the hiring process, you likely have short-term needs you are hoping to address. But, if you have two job candidates that could meet those needs, then it’s time to let long-term goals play a larger role in your decision-making process.

If one job seeker has a skill that isn’t necessary today but aligns with your broader goals for the future, then that may help you determine which one should get the offer. Similarly, if one seems more eager to learn new skills that could be beneficial or has leadership qualities that will let them excel for years to come, then use those points to help you decide.

Cultural Fit

A company’s culture is actually one of its most valuable assets, so it should be managed wisely. Not every professional, no matter how technically skilled, will fit into the current culture as well as another, so evaluating the candidates from this perspective is usually a wise move.

Employees who fit in are generally more productive and may be more inclined to stay for the long-term, so using cultural fit to gauge which job seeker should get the offer can be a smart approach.


When all things are considered otherwise equal, a job seeker’s excitement or passion for the role can also help you separate the exceptional candidate from the great one. Anything from the questions they asked you to the speed at which they sent a thank you email can help you determine their level of engagement, so look at these factors to help you decide who should get the offer.

Still Stuck?

If the idea of telling either candidate that they didn’t get the job makes you feel like you are missing out on an outstanding employee, then you might want to consider hiring them both, even if your original intention was only to add one new member to your staff.

While this may require some adjustments, stellar talent isn’t always easy to come by, particularly today. If you think they could both contribute to the company’s goals, then the increase in total production may make the investment worth it. So, if you really are stuck, don’t automatically dismiss the idea of bringing them both on board.

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