If you’ve been landing interviews but can’t seem to get a coveted job offer, then you’re likely wondering what has been going wrong. While some of the rejection may be related to simply not being the best candidate for the role, particularly if your skillset and experience only barely met the minimum qualifications, it’s also possible that you are making other mistakes that are harming your chances.

Certain interview etiquette faux pas aren’t easily ignored by hiring managers and may lead them to remove you from contention immediately. To help make sure that isn’t happening to you when you interview with Mississippi staffing agencies, here are some mistakes to avoid.

Being Late

Nothing sets the wrong tone for an interview like failing to be on time. While you may not be able to help when an emergency happens, if being tardy is closer to the norm than the exception, then it’s unlikely you’re going to receive an offer anytime soon.

Being late isn’t just disrespectful to the hiring manager, it also draws certain things into question, like your time management skills. So, make sure to give yourself plenty of time to get to your interview, ensuring you can avoid this mistake entirely.

Not Being Prepared

While you can’t prepare for every question you may be asked, many of them are fairly predictable. This means you have an opportunity to practice your responses in advance, ensuring they are both concise and thorough while representing you in a positive light.

Deciding not to practice your answers can have dire consequences, especially if it leaves you stumbling for a response or unable to recall critical examples that relate to your experience or skills. And, if you can’t answer several questions well, you likely won’t get the position.

Similarly, failing to research the company in advance of your interview can also hurt you, especially if the questions you are asked involve aspects of the business. This is also true if it leads you to ask a question that would have been easily answered by viewing the organization’s website, as it implies that you aren’t interested in them as a business.

Zoning Out

During an interview, you need to stay focused. Missing a question because you weren’t paying attention is only going to hurt your chances, particularly if it happens repeatedly.

Ideally, you want to stay engaged during the conversation, so make an effort to truly listen to what the hiring manager has to say.

Failing to Ask Questions

At the end of an interview, you’ll inevitably be asked if you have any questions. Some people are hesitant to ask any, assuming the hiring manager will view it as a negative. But, not having anything to say can actually be harmful, as it suggests that you either aren’t interested in the position or aren’t well-prepared.

By avoiding the mistakes above, you can increase your chances of having a successful interview, and landing a job offer with one of Mississippi’s staffing agencies. If you are currently seeking a new position, the professionals at TempStaff can connect you with some of the leading employers in the area. Contact us today to see how our services can help you reach your employment goals.



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