Job seekers aren’t just looking for a company that offers them a suitable salary, strong benefits, and a range of perks; they also want to find an organization where transparency is the norm, not the exception. Many candidates remember the impacts of the recession, particularly how so many employees were surprised when a business went under, as they were never privy to information related to the business’s health.

Additionally, top talent wants a full picture of what the company has to offer, and so many organizations work hard to keep details about pay, benefits, and business practices under close guard, making it harder to assess whether a potential employer is right for them.

While you don’t need to share every detail about your company’s operations, you do need to provide job seekers with an appropriate amount of information. Here’s why transparent companies have an upper hand.

A Company to Be Proud Of

Candidates who are seeking out new opportunities aren’t just looking for a paycheck, in most cases. Often, they want to align themselves with a company they can be proud to work for, and that’s hard to ascertain if certain details are kept secret.

To attract top talent, you need to be clear about your organization’s mission and values, and live up to any claims you set. Additionally, if you support specific social or ethical causes, or are involved in the community, you need to share these points with job seekers, as this can help entice those looking to align themselves with transparent companies they can support.

An Issue of Respect

Being secretive about certain business points can correlate to a lack of respect in the eyes of candidates, particularly when it comes to hiring practices. Being unclear about how things will progress, when they should expect additional information, or whether they are still in the running can leave many assuming the worst. Others may simply become frustrated by the lack of detail, leading them to seek out opportunities elsewhere.

An honest dialogue about your hiring process demonstrates you care about the candidate’s time and appreciate the effort they have put in thus far. Plus, it provides them with information upon which they can base their expectations, lowering the amount of stress associated with the process.

Ultimately, you need to provide enough information to ensure the candidates are comfortable throughout the hiring process and that they have the information they need to determine if your company is the best fit for them. This allows you both to make smarter decisions regarding potential job offers, ensuring that the ideal person for the job, and your business, are brought on board.

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