Whether it feels like your applications are being sent into an abyss, you are being politely turned away when you inquire about an interview or are simply being passed over after meeting the hiring manager, being rejected while you look for work in Mississippi stings.

In most cases, job seekers spend some time feeling upset about not getting the position and then choose to move on with their search. But failing to reflect on why you weren’t selected means you are missing an opportunity, as doing so could help you be more successful the next time around.

If you’ve repeatedly been rejected for jobs that you are qualified to hold, here are some tips for improving your odds the next time you apply for work in Mississippi.

Display Your Soft Skills

Typically, job seekers won’t submit a resume unless they have the necessary hard skills to do the job, clearly listing them on their applications to catch the hiring manager’s attention. While technical know-how is undoubtedly vital for any position, failing to show that you possess the right soft skills for the work can lead the company to bypass your resume.

A recent study showed that soft skills account for 85 percent of a person’s ultimate success on the job, and employers are spending more time evaluating these competencies than ever before.

If your resume is continually disappearing into a digital black hole, review its content to see if you are discussing your soft skills as well as technical competency. If not, then it’s time for a resume overhaul.

Which Soft Skills to Include

While every job is different, even if the position titles are the same, certain soft skills are practically universal. If you aren’t finding explicit references to the soft skills the employer is seeking, consider including details of those that are most commonly requested.

In most cases, the hiring manager is going to have two priorities: communication and teamwork. Almost every role requires a person to be able to communicate effectively, both in writing and in-person, with other team members, stakeholders, or customers. Showing that you know how to manage these interactions is crucial, particularly if you want to be considered a top candidate.

Teamwork is also vital in almost every environment, as few workers operate truly independent from everyone else. Showing that you are cooperative and an effective collaborator is critical, as well as demonstrating you can be supportive of others and work toward achieving group goals.

Hiring managers often appreciate someone who is flexible, as a willingness to adapt can be critical in fast-paced, rapidly changing workplaces. A positive attitude can also go a long way, as no one wants to work with someone who is constantly negative or general pessimistic.

While many of these characteristics are subjective, providing examples on your resume and during your interview that show how you use these traits on the job can help you stand out from the crowd, making it easier to land your target position in Mississippi.

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