Most companies understand the value of diversity in the workplace and often create policies to support the idea. But not every business is going about building a more diverse workforce the right way, and common mistakes can significantly undermine critical objectives and lead you to miss opportunities that can help you reach your targets more quickly.

If you are interested in increasing diversity in your company in 2018, here are some tips for making it happen.

Don’t Ignore Inclusion

Some organizations assume that diversity and inclusion are one in the same when they are actually quite different. While diversity focuses on bringing in employees with a wide range of background, inclusion concentrates on building a culture that makes everyone feel supported and welcome, allowing everyone’s differences to become assets instead of points of contention.

Failing to address inclusion means that, even if you do hire a diverse workforce, they might not all stay for the long-term. So, consider whether any cultural changes are needed to help support your diversity goals or if your staff would benefit from team-building activities to help everyone build stronger relationships.

Formalize Policies

Diversity policies need to be formal if they are going to be effective. Casual conversations about making changes or setting priorities aren’t going to be taken as seriously as concrete policies that outline objectives and outline procedures. Plus, this approach helps get everyone on the same page and provides your current employees with a touchstone whenever questions arise, or when they need a refresher.

You also need to actively enforce any diversity policies across the board. Otherwise, employees will question the company’s commitment to the cause and may be less inclined to put effort into meeting the objectives themselves, ultimately rendering the policy ineffective.

Broaden Your Recruitment Efforts

Some companies have issues finding a diverse talent pool because they continually recruit from the same place time and time again. If you use the same websites or approach to hiring, you’ll likely see a candidate mix similar to what you’ve always experienced.

To reach a different demographic, you need to branch out into other recruitment resources. This can include choosing job sites that appeal to certain portions of the population, connecting with local organizations that serve minorities, or working with a staffing firm that has a large database of skilled professionals.

And, don’t feel as though you have to limit yourself to just one new resource. Initially, consider trying a wide variety of options to help determine which approaches are best equipped to help you achieve your diversity goals. Then, if it turns out only certain ones are needed long-term, you can focus on those going forward.

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