When you enter an interview, your primary goal is generally to demonstrate why you are the right person for the job. While answering the various questions and highlighting key portions of your background is a significant part of the process, that doesn’t mean you won’t be faced with one of the hardest questions to answer: “Why should we hire you?”

While you may inherently dread the question (especially since there isn’t an inherent right or wrong answer), it is actually an incredible opportunity to show the hiring manager why you’re an exceptional fit for the role and why they should hire you. So, if you want to nail this question, here are five tips for handling it right.

1. Make It Symbiotic

One method for standing out when responding to this question is to focus on how your capabilities benefit the company as well as you. This can be done by clearly demonstrating your enthusiasm for the work, and what it means for your career, while speaking to how your skill set is a boon for the employer. Work to strike a balance between talking about what’s in it for the company with what’s in it for you to ensure you make the most positive impact.

2. Separate Yourself from the Pack

Many job seekers answer this question be rehashing the skills and competencies they’ve already discussed during the interview. While a quick review can be helpful, you aren’t actually showing the hiring manager anything new with that approach.

Instead, use your knowledge of the business to show how you would fit into the workplace. While this approach requires a substantial amount of research, it does demonstrate that your enthusiastic about the opportunity and may be a step that other candidates don’t take.

3. Solve a Problem

Typically, a business hires a new person because they have an issue that requires resolution. And, if you can demonstrate how you can relieve the pressure associated with this pain point, you can give the hiring manager a glimpse into what a future with you as an employee could look like.

4. Fill in the Gaps

Sometimes, you don’t have a chance to discuss everything you have to offer during the standard interview questions. Maybe the questions were specifically targeted to specific skills, or you wanted to remain concise and passed over a point. Regardless of the reason, this question gives you a chance to go over details that you might not have had an opportunity to cover before, which can help further prove that you have everything it takes to be successful.

5. Share Your Passion

Few things make as strong of an impact on hiring managers as a candidate that is truly passionate about their field. If you are deeply driven and truly enjoy the work that is associated with the role, don’t suppress those feelings. Instead, discuss what about the role appeals to you on a deeper level and why that leaves you energized and driven to succeed. This can be particular skills or duties as well as a connection with the company mission.

By following the tips above, you can do a lot to prove that you are the right person for the job. If you are seeking a new opportunity, the team at TempStaff can connect you with leading companies in the area. Contact us to see how our services can help you get ahead and get employers to hire you.



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