Since almost everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, it’s no surprise apps have been developed that can help make workplaces safer. Not only are these highly convenient based on their level of accessibility, but they are also low-cost methods to improve your company and provide employees with valuable tools. Here are five that can benefit almost any business.

1. Occupational Health and Safety by 10X Media PTY LTD

This free Occupational Health and Safety App puts a lot of information at your fingertips. You can access free safety training videos, information on best practices, and data on a range of key topics. The headlines section gives you access to recent news while the training tab lets you view a variety of resources and tutorials.

The design is highly user friendly, making it appropriate for less tech-savvy employees, as well as others. Updates are also performed regularly, ensuring the information contained in the app stays current.

2. Chemical Safety Data Sheets by ThatsMyStapler Inc.

For companies that use chemicals, the Chemical Safety Data Sheets app may be ideal. This software displays International Chemical Safety Cards that are produced by various international organizations like the United Nations Environmental Program, International Labour Office, and the World Health Organization. The data is ideal for company leaders and floor workers alike.

3. Environment Monitor by Outsourcing Partner

If your workplace has noise hazards, the Environment Monitor app is one worth exploring. It gives you and your workers the ability to monitor sound intensity, helping to avoid potential hearing damage. Other sensors, such as acceleration and magnetic field are also available, giving you additional options for improving safety.

The interface is especially simple, making it easy for almost anyone to use. Additionally, no ads are involved, ensuring your workers aren’t bombarded with distractions while at work.

4. Ergonomics by Stand Up Apps Inc.

This $0.99 app provides guidance regarding ergonomics in the workplace. It was even chosen as the Winner of the People’s Choice Award for the Department of Labor’s App Challenge.

Workers can explore guidance on workstation setup, easy stretches, and even receive reminders to get up from their desks from time to time. Not only can these features help improve the health and safety of your employees, but some research suggests proper ergonomics can increase productivity, making the $0.99 cost negligible in the end.

5. NIOSH Ladder Safety App by National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

For workplaces where the use of ladders is common, the NIOSH Ladder Safety app can provide valuable guidance regarding the proper use of extension ladders. Graphic-oriented guides make the information accessible, ensuring everyone takes the proper precautions at all times.

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