When it comes to finding a new clerical job, some people just seem to have the magic touch. They get offered a position without formally applying or get hired for roles that weren’t advertised in the usual sense.

Many job seekers would wonder if these people are just uncommonly lucky, but luck rarely has anything to do with it. Instead, they use nontraditional methods for finding a new position, and it’s something you can start doing as well. Here are four tips for a more productive clerical job search that you can begin using today.

1. Learn Alternatives to Traditional Application Rules

When you find a position you’re interested in, you likely follow the instructions provided in the job posting when you apply. While this can be effective, it isn’t always the best way to be seen. Instead, look to see if there is a way to get your resume in the hands of the hiring manager directly, allowing you to bypass the masses along the way.

Begin by researching the company to see if you can identify the decision-maker in the equation. If you have a contact on the inside, see if you can arrange an introduction. And, if you don’t, see if you can connect over social media or email. Work on building a relationship first, then mention the fact you would be interested in an opportunity. It could increase your chances of scoring an interview and, later, a job offer.

2. Make Sure It’s a Match

Some job seekers focus entirely on getting interviews, assuming that any job for which their skills are a match is worth their time. However, accepting a position requires you to deal with more than just the job duties, and not every environment or culture is going to suit your needs.

Instead of wasting time on jobs that could be a poor fit, take some time to do some digging. Make sure the company’s mission matches your values and that the workplace itself seems to match your preferences. Look up your potential co-workers on social media and see if you have things in common, professionally and otherwise.

By taking this approach, you can be more confident in your decision if you choose to apply or interview, and you’ll have more knowledge about the business when you do get to speak with the hiring manager.

3. Don’t Say “Yes” to Just Anything

It can be tempting to accept the first offer that comes your way, especially if you aren’t currently employed. But taking a job that isn’t the right fit means you could be missing out on better opportunities, and it may slow the progress of your clerical career.

If a job offer doesn’t meet all of your needs or provide options to reach your career goals, then be willing to negotiate to get what you want. And, if they can’t meet your needs, be open to turning down an offer that isn’t right for you.

4. Get the Right Help

A job search doesn’t have to be a one-man (or woman) show. If you enlist the right help, you can learn about opportunities you may have otherwise missed, and that can make a huge difference in your career.

Professional staffing companies often have information about jobs that aren’t publicly advertised, and their close relationship with area employers make it easier for them to market you to companies that could benefit from your skills. They have the ability to work for you, helping to speed up your job search and improve the quality of your potential matches.

If you are interested in getting help from a high-quality staffing agency, the professionals at TempStaff want to hear from you. Contact us today and see how our services can make it easier to find the right clerical job for you.



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