As technology takes a larger role in our personal and professional lives, it’s no surprise that it is also helping to make workplaces in Mississippi safer for everyone. Every environment from offices and banks to manufacturing plants and other industrial facilities are seeing benefits from improved security measures and advanced technological features. Here are some of the more recent developments that are working to keep people safe all across the state.

Improved Metal Detectors

Walk-through metal detectors are more common as businesses want to ensure that visitors and employees aren’t bringing dangerous items, like knives and firearms, into the building. Thanks to improved detection technology, few dangerous metal items such as those mentioned previously make it past this initial screening point, giving workers an increased feeling of security throughout the day.

Greater Use of Bulletproof Glass

Banks and financial institutions have increased their use of bulletproof glass, helping to provide additional protection to bank tellers and other personnel that interact with the public. Other businesses that have significant stores of cash on site also use the material, often combined with onsite metal detectors to help lower the risk of firearms being used by potential robbers.

Laser Safety Curtains

An alternative to physical barriers, laser safety curtains can be used to restrict access to specific areas of a building or floor space, alerting people (and those around them) who incidentally cross the line to move back to the other side. This technology can be used to protect employees and the public from potential hazards as well as to inform security personnel should a barrier be breached by an unauthorized party.

Stepped-Up Traditional Security

Digital security cameras, motion detectors and lights, and even security guards are becoming more prevalent in a range of workplace, helping to protect workers from outside threats and serving as a measure for improving overall safety. Activity throughout the site can be recorded, allowing incidents to be reviewed whenever the need arises. And would-be thieves are often deterred by security cameras and motion lights as it makes it more challenging to break in without being caught.

Warning Signs with Digital Upgrades

More companies are adding additional information to warning signs through the use of QR Codes and by listing URLs. This gives employees or visitors a quick method for obtaining additional information that is relevant to the warning from almost any mobile device. For example, customers can learn details about product safety or workers can get more detailed equipment operating instructions by simply scanning the code or going to the website. This can help lower the rate of onsite injuries and gives people the ability to review valuable information both onsite and when they are away.

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