Even if you’re happy at your current job, that doesn’t mean you don’t aspire to bigger and better things. Often, if you enjoy your current workplace, the idea of getting a promotion is the best of both worlds, letting you stay with a company you love while allowing you to move forward in your career.

But what does it take to become a promotable employee, and can you get started on that path today? To help you on your journey to your next promotion, here are some tips to get you started.

Talk to Your Manager

One of the easiest ways to get clear direction on what you need to do to get promoted is to speak with your boss. Typically, they will be able to tell you exactly what needs to happen for your goal to become a reality and can give you additional insights that relate specifically to your company or the target position.

By talking to your manager, you also ensure they are fully aware of where you want to go. Sometimes, management doesn’t reach out about promotional opportunities out of the blue, but discussing your intentions can put you on their radar.

Seek Out New Responsibilities

Promotions aren’t just given to those who put in the time; you also have to show you can handle the tasks that come along with the new title. One way to make that happen is to request new responsibilities that align with your target position. This gives you a chance to see what doing parts of the job is really like while also showing management that you are capable of doing the work. As a bonus, you’ll also be seen as a go-getter and enthusiastic about the position, which can help secure an otherwise elusive promotion.

Focus on Efficiency

Management wants to promote employees who can handle the work within a standard amount of time. This means that pulling extra hours trying to get promoted can actually work against you if it isn’t the norm for the position. Instead of giving more time, look to streamline your processes to improve productivity. Then, you can get everything done that needs to happen without having to add hours to your workday to make it happen.

Be a Leader

As you rise through the ranks, leadership skills become more important. So, if you can show your manager that you can act as a leader, then it may be easier to be seen as promotable. Look for opportunities that allow you to take the lead or supervise the activities of others. Even a project that doesn’t directly relate to your job, such as various social committees some companies rely on for event coordination, can help you build your skills and make a strong impression.

By following the tips above, you can begin your journey to your next promotion. Just understand that it can take time to lay the required foundation, so a level of patience is key. However, if you’re doing all of the right things and are still being passed over, then it may be time to look for new opportunities with a different company. If you are interested in finding a new job, the professionals at TempStaff can help you get to where you want to be. Contact us today and see how our employment services can help you find promotional opportunities in your area.



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