Today’s worker isn’t satisfied with the paradigms of yesterday. Now, employees crave flexibility and freedom, and not overly structured systems focused on work silos and hierarchy. By offering call center workers a bit of independence and room to be creative, you are more likely to retain your best and brightest employees. However, failing to adapt to these new expectations means you may have trouble keeping the talent you need to succeed.

Increased Career Opportunities

Most employees haven’t reached the last stop on their personal career path, and they are looking for employers who will help them achieve their goals. Keeping workers separated into silos limits the possibility of learning new skills and moving on to more complex work. Often, top talent in any workplace craves new experiences and challenges, so a culture that aims to keep people working in a particular box are going to struggle in comparison to more open environments.

More Involvement with the Business

The desire for collaboration goes beyond simply interacting with co-workers. Many employees also want the opportunity to have input regarding business decisions, especially when it comes to operations policies and procedures. Workers who feel heard by management often feel more valued as well. And, by taking the time to listen to their needs and preferences, you can increase longevity and loyalty toward the company.

Better Work-Life Balance

The idea of work-life balance has been around for some time, but today’s employees are specifically seeking flexible work environments that allow them to manage their personal and professional lives more effectively. Many workers are under intense pressures in their home life, so companies that support their needs in this area are more likely to retain their best employees over the long term.

Benefits for the Business

Adopting a less strict culture can also benefit the business in a variety of ways. For example, offering a more flexible approach to scheduling may open your company up to new sources of talent. Not every person can maintain a traditional work schedule due to other obligations. By being open to alternatives, including nonstandard work hours or the ability to work remotely, you can reach candidates who otherwise wouldn’t be able to accept a position with your business. And, in times when hiring is especially challenging, this can make the difference when you are seeking top talent.

Additionally, employees working in a more flexible environment may even be more productive. Often, a happier workforce produces better results than those who aren’t as satisfied on the job. Further, some studies have suggested that remote employees may even be more productive than their traditional office counterparts.

By opening your company up to the possibility of operating with a more flexible culture, you may find that everyone gains something from the arrangement, and you may even improve your bottom line.

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