Bringing in a short-term admin hire often requires a different approach than when you select a candidate for a long-term position. While their work may be critical to your current operations, they won’t be motivated to perform by the same things that keep your other employees working at their best. However, there are ways to turn your short-term hires into top employees, even if they won’t be with your company for long. To help you make the most of the time you are working together, here are some tips to get you started.

Focus on Engagement

Traditional employees are often motivated by their loyalty to the company and their desire for positive outcomes. However, short-term admin hires often aren’t invested in a business’s long-term success because they aren’t likely to be around to experience the benefits. That means it is critical to figure out how to engage these employees in other ways.

In some cases, simply offering praise and demonstrating appreciation for their contributions is enough to keep them motivated to perform to the best of their capabilities. In others, the possibility of obtaining a cash bonus or a chance at long-term employment might entice them to go above and beyond. Regardless of the approach, figuring out what the worker values can help you determine the best way to engage them for greater success.

Help Them Understand the Mission

Most people enjoy working to support a cause they believe in, and short-term workers are no different. If you can show them how their work contributes to a larger mission that they can get behind, you may be able to motivate them more effectively while they are working with your company.

Often, these causes need to provide intrinsic value, as temporary workers won’t likely be as invested in goals related to fiscal performance. So, if you can help them see how their time with the company affects things beyond the bottom line, you will likely make a stronger impression.

Provide Professional Incentives

Whether it is the above-mentioned possibility of obtaining long-term employment, the ability to expand their professional network or a chance to learn new skills, providing short-term admin hires the chance to further their career during their time with your company can help give extra incentive to perform at their best. This helps create a purpose for their work beyond their daily duties as it can help create a path towards their larger employment goals. And, if they do become one of your top employees, be sure to let them know about opportunities with your company when they arise.

If you are looking for a short-term admin hire to help your business or are interested in finding candidates for long-term positions with your company, TempStaff has the expertise to help with your hiring goals. Contact us today to see how our recruitment services can assist in locating your ideal worker.



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