After a long and arduous process, you had the chance to accept a job offer and are preparing to start in a new clerical position. While this can be an exciting time, it can also bring about a lot of anxiety, especially if you are worried about making a great first impression. Luckily, getting started on the right foot doesn’t have to be difficult. To help you present yourself in the best light from the beginning, here are five steps for making a great impression at your new clerical job.

1. Take the Lead with Introductions

Your first few days on the job are going to be full of introductions. While your new manager may take the lead in introducing you to your new colleagues on a basic level, don’t be afraid to take the lead when revisiting them as you get your footing.

Take the time to reach out to those around you, express your excitement for being a new part of the team, and ask questions to get to know them and their role at the company a little better. In most cases, they will appreciate that you are taking an active interest and will happily fill you in. Just make sure to keep the conversations brief so that everyone can accomplish their work too.

2. Focus on Being Open

Getting to know a new co-worker can be just as challenging for those currently working at the company as it is for you. To help break the ice, try to be friendly and open while at work. This can be as simple as taking a moment to tell your colleagues good morning every day and sharing a few casual words when you cross paths in the breakroom.

By greeting people throughout the day, you come off as welcoming and friendly, which can go a long way when it comes to integrating into a new workplace.

3. Get to Know the Workplace First

While you were hired because of your skills and previous experience, the office was operating without you. That means you need to learn about their processes and standards before you consider making any suggestions about how things “should” be done.

Since you are new to the team, you won’t be fully aware of what has and hasn’t been tried, or why a particular process was put in place. Taking the time to get a feel for what is, and how it came to be, can help make sure that, when it comes time to make a suggestion, you aren’t rehashing something that has already been discarded. And, since you have a better understanding of the workplace as a whole, any ideas you contribute are more likely to be respected when you do speak up.

4. Be Enthusiastic

While you don’t have to be bubbling over with optimism, making sure your excitement about the opportunity shines through can help you gain a foothold with the team. Make sure any opportunity you have to learn is welcomed with open arms and that you show a general sense of happiness about being part of the team. However, don’t over-commit yourself from the beginning just to look enthusiastic. Instead, find a pace that works for you and the workplace, and proceed from there.

5. Show Gratitude

When you start a new position, you will be relying on others a lot while you get your footing. Whenever a co-worker lends a hand, teaches you something new, or simply engages you in conversation, make sure to always thank them for their time. Showing your appreciation lets them know you acknowledge the kindness and is simply a polite way to end the interaction. In the end, thanking someone is always the right way to go.

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