There are times when even we can tell our attitude has seen better days. Maybe it was a long project that took more out of us than we realized, or simply being ready for the sunnier weather. Whatever the cause, it is possible to get things moving in the right direction. Why? Because it can actually make you feel happier!

A workday attitude spring cleaning is just what it sounds like; an opportunity to assess what is and what isn’t working for us today, and making efforts to change for the positive. If you want to give your attitude some positive tweaks, here are some tips to get you started.

Get Organized

While most people get organized during the spring cleaning time of year, they don’t necessarily think of how it positively affects their attitude. But giving yourself a chance to go from disheveled to structured can actually do wonders for the psyche.

Being organized can help limit stress. Instead of digging through your desk drawers and rummaging through piles of paperwork, you know exactly where everything is. And, besides being a bit of a relief, it can actually save you time too, which is certainly something to smile about.

Rethink Your Commitments

Now that you’re organized, it’s time to examine your commitments. Struggling to meet all our obligations and having to make excuses for delays or beg for extensions does nothing but create stress. However, many people have trouble saying no when approached with a new task even if they already know they can’t meet the deadline.

Instead of saying “yes” to everything that comes across your desk, don’t be afraid to exercise your right to say “no” when appropriate. While this isn’t a method for shirking core job duties, it is important when it comes to everything outside of them. Don’t feel pressured to volunteer for work you can’t accomplish within the timeframe requested. Instead, focus on the work that matters most for your position, and only accept more when it fits into your plan.

Take Charge

No, we aren’t advocating assuming control over your office, as that isn’t always realistic. However, there is an important part of your work life that you can take control of, and that is your professional development. If you have career goals in mind and haven’t been able to make any positive strides as of late, consider grabbing this bull by the horns and doing something about it.

Whether you decide to take a class to improve your skills, seek out new, more challenging assignments, or even look for new job opportunities, working towards a goal you value can help brighten your day. So, see if there are moves you can make in your current workplace. And, if you can’t find an ideal opportunity there, then reach out to one of the skilled recruiters at TempStaff. Contact us today and lets us help you explore where your career can go when you have the right workday attitude.



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