Everyone experiences stress on the job at some point. For some, stress is something you carry quietly, letting it tear you up on the inside. Others wear their stress out in the open, letting it shine like a badge on their chest. Regardless of the cause of your long days and sleepless nights, it is important to keep something in mind; it’s just a job.

Your Identity and Your Job

It isn’t uncommon to see people tie their job and their identity together like a neat little package. However, your profession isn’t necessarily the most important aspect of your life. Yes, your career often dominates your day-to-day, functioning as a method of making ends meet, your job should serve as a mechanism that allows you to learn about your true passions. And this applies even if you enjoy what you do for work.

At no point should a job create discontent throughout the entirety of your life. Allowing your work to keep you from the things that truly matter to you just gives you a one-way ticket to the land of burnout.

If this sounds like you, then it is time to untie the rope that binds your job and identity together.

When It’s Time for a Break

If you see your job taking more of your day, whether it is due to the long hours or the inability to put the stress away at the end of the day, you should consider scheduling some time away from the workplace. Dedicating the vast majority of your time and energy to work isn’t always a lifestyle that can be maintained. Taking time away can help you reset and recharge. And it can do wonders for your mental health.

But, if you can’t imagine your workplace functioning while you are away, there is something you need to realize. First, you are just one person. Typically, if you work for someone else, the business will, in fact, continue without your presence for a few days. And, even if you are self-employed, taking time off can be vital for recharging your energy banks, helping you find a way to keep pushing forward once you get back.

Sometimes, we need to step back and allow ourselves to spend time on activities that bring back the fire we need to move forward. Often, giving yourself a chance to recharge can actually enable you to be more productive over the long-term. Additionally, it will offer you an opportunity to work on other key areas of your life, like your relationships with friends and family members. In some cases, it also serves as a path to better health, especially if your job has you skipping sleep, not eating healthy, or neglecting yourself in any way.

Stress Is Not a Symbol of Success

Many people function with the idea that being stressed means you are successful. And, though successful people may also be stressed, being stressed doesn’t make you a success. It isn’t a symbol of status, and shouldn’t be romanticized as if it were.

Instead, it is important to see that giving yourself something to humbly brag about isn’t worth the damage stress can cause to you or your life. It also doesn’t make you more important in any meaningful way.

While some workplace stress is normal, it shouldn’t have a stranglehold on your life. If you can’t seem to escape it, it could be time to find new employment opportunities. If you are looking for a job that lets you work and still have time for the other important things in your life, the recruiters at TempStaff can help you explore your options. Contact us to see what is available in your area today.



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