It wasn’t long ago that the best way to attract top candidates was to offer the biggest paycheck possible. While having a competitive compensation package is still important, there are other factors that carry more weight than you may realize. And this is especially true if you are looking to lure employees away from their current employers.

Today, employees value their work environment and company culture as much, if not more than a higher paycheck. They are looking for flexibility, learning opportunities, and a mission they can get behind.

Before you reach out into the pool of job seekers for your next top candidates, take a look at your current offerings and see if you are meeting the expectations of the most talented employees in the market right now. You may be surprised what a paycheck can’t get you.

Culture Matters

Many employees state that a company’s culture is a big factor in their decision to stay with a company or look for new opportunities. But what exactly is a corporate culture? It’s a compilation of the shared values and general attitude of those working in the organization. It can also include the use of internal policies, commonly expected practices, and even how the work relates to the overall company mission.

There are also considerations for the physical environment, as well as the mood or tone that one experiences when they come into a space. Further, the preferred leadership style also plays a part.

Now, it is important to understand that a particular company’s culture might not suit everyone. However, if your organization isn’t focused on creating a positive culture, you may find trouble locating any candidates interested in taking a position.

Professional Development

The option to learn and grow while in the workplace ranks as a top consideration for many job seekers. This can include formal activities, like training classes or educational benefits, as well as more informal approaches, such as access to a mentor.

Employees today value companies that will help them excel in their positions today and give them chances to move forward tomorrow. By creating training plans and opportunities to learn new skills, you’ll attract high-level talent. Additionally, it can help retention efforts since employees that feel challenged in a positive way often feel more engaged in their day-to-day.

Transparency and Trust

Many members of today’s workforce remember the negative effects of the recession vividly, including how much information was kept from employees even though the walls were crumbling around them. These experiences have made trust and transparency critical today.

Now is not the time to hold things back. Instead, it is important to trust your employees with information that impacts them. This means maintaining communication channels and being open to questions and concerns. Businesses who still think it is wise to keep workers in the dark will have a harder time finding and keeping employees over the long term.

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