Sometimes, you desperately want a new job, but the time isn’t right to make a transition. Maybe you are in the middle of a big project that could lead to a substantial bonus. Or your current schedule needs won’t be easily met by another company, so you have to stay put until something changes on your end.

Regardless of the reasoning, there are still things you can do today to prepare you for job searching in the future. To help you get you best-positioned to make a move when the time is right, here are some tips to streamline the job-hunting process in the future.

Review Your Resume

If you haven’t looked at your resume since you secured your current job, then it is time to get everything in order. By preparing your resume now, you won’t have to scramble when it comes time to apply for positions. And, though you should tailor your resume to individual postings, having a basic resume that is ready to go can speed up that process. It also provides you a general resume that can be spent almost anywhere.

Perfect Your Online Presence

Personal websites and LinkedIn profiles are common amongst job seekers, so it is important to make sure your digital presence is as composed as your resume. Make sure all of the information is updated and accurate. If you have blog posts on your site, then take the time to begin creating new content that provides talking points regarding the position you envision pursuing.

Only having outdated posts on your site shows that it has been neglected, so aim to create enough content for the main landing page to look fresh.

Get Your Network in Gear

Now is the time to begin priming your network. Since you aren’t looking for a position immediately, you have time to reconnect with other professionals with whom you may have lost touch. Start by forwarding an interesting article that pertains to their field, or simply send a message inquiring about how the holidays treated them.

Keep the conversation light and don’t overwhelm them with contact if you haven’t spoken in months or longer. Let things progress naturally and wait to ask about employment opportunities until you have reaffirmed the relationship.

When inquiring about jobs, especially if the person works in your target position or role, begin by getting permission to ask some questions about their work or industry. This can include items like tips to get a position in the field or at their company. If the opportunity arises organically, then feel free to ask if they are aware of any openings.

The important part is not to force your way into a job conversation too soon. Since you have time before your search officially begins, take your time to catch up before diving into the job-related territory.

Work with Professional Recruiters

You can begin working with professional recruiters before you are ready to make the leap. They can help you get your resume and other materials in order, as well as give you insight into the current job market.

If you are interested in getting a recruiter on your side, TempStaff has the experience you need to help you plan your future job search. Contact us today, so you can prepare for a better tomorrow.


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