One of the primary jobs of a hiring manager is to get to know the accounting candidates who were scheduled for interviews. The best way to manage the task is to make sure you ask the right questions. While resumes and social media profiles provide an excellent introduction to their experience and education, there is often much more to an accounting candidate’s story than can be expressed in these limited formats.

If you want to make sure you are asking accounting candidates all of the right questions, here are five great examples to get you started.

Tell Me a Bit About Yourself

While this prompt has been around for ages, it still provides value. The question is ambiguous, giving candidates the option to speak to any points they choose to make. While most accounting candidates will stick with an overview of their experience and education, it can also provide insights into who they are as a person. It also serves as an icebreaker to get the candidate talking about a subject with which they should be comfortable, themselves.

How Would Your Current (or Most Recent) Manager Describe You?

This question prompts an honest response, especially if they intend to list their current or previous manager as a reference. You will gain insights into what the candidate does well and the traits that make them unique. At times, it can even lead to an open discussion about any weaknesses based on how a manager may respond to the question. That puts you in a position to better assess what they are like as an employee before you even have to dial the first reference.

How Would You Describe Your Dream Job?

If you want an idea of where a candidate hopes to be, this question opens that door. You can discover information about career aspirations, ideal work environment, and preferred schedules without having to specifically inquire about each point.

In some cases, the response also lets you know where the candidate’s head is at regarding their career. If they describe a dream job that doesn’t remotely relate to the position for which they are being interviewed, it may show that they have less interest in the field than you previously thought.

However, even if their dream job is in a different sector, that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy their current work. So take the information with a grain of salt and consider it a single facet in the larger picture.

What Motivated You to Pursue This Position/Profession?

Discovering what motivates a potential employee helps determine if they are a fit for your company’s culture. Every organization uses different techniques to keep employees engaged and interested. If accounting candidates speak to something that isn’t available with your business, then they may become dissatisfied based on these needs not being met.

Do You Have Any Issues in Your Current Position?

This is a straightforward question looking to get to the heart of why they are interested in leaving their current employer. It lets you know what about the environment isn’t working for them and can help you determine if your organization is better equipped in those areas.

It allows candidates speak to what they value, and often serves as reinforcement for what motivates them. If you see correlations between the two responses, you have a clear idea of what the applicant values. Discrepancies can indicate that the candidate doesn’t have a solid picture of what they need, which is valuable information in itself.

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