Finding the right candidate for an open position can feel like a challenge, regardless of how many times you have successfully hired a new employee before. There are ways to help increase your odds of selecting the best candidate for the position the first time around as long as you organize the hiring process.

If you are looking for tips on how to always find the best available candidate for an open position, make sure and start in these key areas.

Determine the Best Recruitment Method for the Position

Not every recruitment method is ideal for all positions. The way you post information about entry-level vacancies may not be appropriate for a C-Level hire, and vice versa. In order to find the most suitable match for the position and the best candidate, you need to advertise your opening through the correct channels.

For example, many general job boards are appropriate for a wide variety of entry-level positions. However, one that hosts mostly hourly positions may not produce the ideal results when you are looking for a candidate for a management position.

The most specialized the experience, or the more higher-level the position, the more consideration you need to put into where you advertise. Otherwise, you may find yourself swamped with applications from people who do not have the qualifications to perform the work.

Review the Application Before Contact

Even if a person makes it through any automated screening procedures, that does not mean their experience is suitable for the position. With applicant management systems being well known, many people have discovered ways to work around automated screening, so you should never assume that every candidate who makes it past that point is ideal.

Instead, read over the key points in every potential candidate, and remove any that do not show the experience you feel is necessary to work successfully in the position.

Consider Phone Interviews First

If there are certain key questions that can determine a candidate’s fate, consider asking these in a quick phone interview. For example, if knowledge of a particular system or piece of software is critical, ask a question that has the candidate speak directly to that requirement. If the person does not have what you are looking for, feel free to move on.

Additionally, you may want to find out any salary requirements a candidate may have at this juncture. Even if there is some room for negotiation, it can help to eliminate anyone whose expectations are unrealistic for the position. At times, it can be wise to include salary information when advertising entry-level positions, as it may keep people from applying who are not interested in working at that rate.

Don’t Neglect References and Background Checks

Whether you decide to run standard reference and background checks on all of your top candidates, or just the top one or two, they should be performed before anyone is given any kind of offer, including official offers and unofficial conversations alluding to the candidate’s likelihood at being placed.

Most companies have certain background requirements for all hires, so it is important to make sure a candidate is able to work for the company before an official offer is given.

Interview with Intent

By this point, you should have a fairly narrow selection of candidates who truly could be an ideal employee. When possible, limit any interviews to those who can reasonably be expected to be a great fit, and make a selection from that group.

Hire the Hiring Professionals

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