As you enter your career in a light industrial workplace, you may notice that there are limited possibilities for learning and growing in this field. This is because many of the jobs are in high demand and it can be difficult to get experience without a mentor. If you want to get ahead in your light industrial career, then you will want to select a quality light industrial mentor as soon as possible. This is someone who can guide you and help you to avoid making any mistakes in your career that can cost you later on.

Here are some of the qualities that you will want to look for in a light industrial mentor in Jackson MS.


When selecting a light industrial career mentor, look for somebody who has at least five-to-ten years in the industry. This knowledge is highly valuable and it is something you can tap into when you have questions or concerns about your job. Lean on your mentor when problems come up and use their knowledge to form the basis of the decisions that you make in your own career.

Complementary Personality

When seeking out a light industrial career mentor, you also want to consider the personality of the individual you will be working with. A good match will be someone who has personality traits that complement your own. Watch out for those who are overly bossy or negative in any way.

Challenges You

A great industrial mentor is also someone who can challenge you to get out of your comfort level from time to time. This mentor will be somebody who has gone through challenges of their own and can encourage you to overcome any obstacles that come your way. This is particularly important in industrial careers because they can be tough to deal with at times.

History of Success

It’s also important to work with a mentor who has a history of finding success on their own path. Career mentors are those who inspire others to be their very best, therefore they have to have some kind of success story in order to help the next generation. Look for light industrial mentors who have similar backgrounds as yourself or started out in a similar place as you and achieved a lot more in their career.

Time and Commitment

Being a career mentor is a big responsibility, so make sure that you pick somebody who has the time and commitment to help you along the way. There’s nothing worse than trying to reach out to a mentor and then not being able to get ahold of them. Find a mentor who is accessible and has enough time to help you and be there for you if you face any type of crisis. Be sure to meet with your mentor on a regular basis to get the most out of this relationship.

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