Summer burnout is all-too-common in a light industrial workplace, and all other workplaces around the world. Who really wants to be stuck in an office or on a job site when the sun is shining and the breeze is strong? No one! During beautiful days at work, many people find themselves dreaming of vacation, sitting on a beach and sipping drinks.

The staffing experts at TempStaff have come up with some tips on how you can avoid summer burnout in a light industrial workplace. Consider the following tips!

Promote Work-Life Balance

Do your best to promote work-life balance for your employees on a regular basis. It is vitally important during the summer months, but should not be forgotten the other nine months of the year. Promoting work-life balance means that you should never let your employees perform work or answer emails while on vacation. This is a major no-no. If you allow this to happen, what was the point of the employee taking a vacation?

Another key to reducing burnout in a light industrial setting is to hire temps to cover the peaks in your season – such as inventory counts and summer sales that require longer hours. Bring temporary employees in for a few weeks to cover vacations and to reduce the use of overtime. Contact an industrial staffing agency in MS like TempStaff for temp workers.

What is Work-Life Balance?

So, what should be included in work-life balance? Employees should be able to go home at the end of the day, or the end of the week, and not have to answer phone calls or emails from the office. They also shouldn’t have to work too much overtime. Employees could also use help with childcare, either on-site or financially. The ultimate work-life balance issue comes when employees are given the opportunity to advance into better roles with better schedules.

Benefits of Work-Life Balance

When you prevent summer burnout at your light industrial workplace, you are securing the success and profitability of your company. Some of the benefits of a strong work-life balance at your place of employment include employees resigning less often, feeling more engaged while at the office, are willing to work longer hours when asked, have a higher level of satisfaction and find it easier to relate to their superiors and their co-workers.

Summer burnout at companies is all-too-common. You don’t want it happening at your place of employment because productivity could take a major hit. Help your employees balance work and life to avoid summer burnout.


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