There is such a thing as having a resume that is improperly balanced. For example, if you are an IT professional, it is possible for your resume to be too tech-y. This means that you are using too many technical terms and are focusing too much on the tech work you have done in the past. Even though all of this is well and good, it can kill your chances at landing a job. Even though you want to prove you are good at what you do, you still need to have your resume jump out from among the herd in order to get noticed.

Include Technical Certifications and Qualifications

You absolutely need to include technical certifications and qualifications on your IT resume in order to be considered for such a job. But, you don’t want to get too insane with the tech talk. The people reading your resume will know what you are talking about. You are not submitting it to a layperson. The company will want to know your tech certifications and qualifications, so do not leave them off the resume.

Display Your Soft Skills

It is also important to display your soft skills on the IT resume. These are just as important to your career as your technical certifications and your qualifications. Sometimes, the soft skills might be even more important than those other items. Soft skills show employers how well you can interact with co-workers and take orders from management. Soft skills are hard to quantify, and include communication, patience, relationship-building and self-awareness.

Keywords are Key

We know, the heading is cliche, but very true. Keywords are a key component of any resume, especially one in the IT industry. You should use keywords on your resume that were found in the job application, as well as ones that pertain to the job for which you applied. Keywords in resumes help you get noticed by resume-scanning software, which then sends your resume based on relevance to companies.

Quantify Your Results

Do not make broad, general statements about your career in your IT resume. Instead, quantify your results as much as you can. This means you must provide numbers and details that support what you say in your resume.

Take a look at your IT resume and make sure it is not too tech-y. If it is, alter it a bit so more companies contact you about interviews.

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