One of the best values that you can instill in your work culture is that of work-life balance. Over the years, employees have changed the way they look at work. With more millennial and Generation Z employees entering the workforce comes an increased focus on health and well-being. A workforce survey conducted by PwC indicates that millennials would rather have work-life balance than a raise in pay. Therefore, it’s important that you provide ways for your employees to experience equal time between their personal and professional lives. Here are some tips for increasing work-life balance and your company.

But first, why does it matter so much?

Employees are placing more emphasis on family time and downtime than on work time. Work-life balance has been shown to reduce stress levels which can contribute to better health. Employees like to play as hard as they like to work. When employees have work-life balance, they can focus better on their careers than when they are overwhelmed.

How to increase work-life balance

There are many ways to increase work-life balance in your company.

• Have a generous paid-time-off policy so that employees can take time off when and if they need it.
• Instill the value of personal time management over workaholism.
• Hire temporary employees to augment teams during peak production cycles and busy seasons.
• Carefully monitor the work habits of employees and teach good time management.
• Institute a wellness program that encourages balance between work and play.
• Provide employees with tasks that match their skills and talents.
• Give all employees a chance to unwind with fun team activities.
• Send employees home who are experiencing illness or burnout so they can recover.
• Make the workplace family friendly and offer flexible working schedules and telecommuting.

These are just a few of the suggested ways your company can support more work-life balance, which will in turn help create happier and more productive employees. Work-life balance is important to everyone, from entry-level employees to the upper management. Make sure all have the resources to support this value.


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