Losing a job can be one of the worst events in anyone’s career. It can cause both financial and emotional devastation and it can also result in long-term career harm. This is why it’s important that all working professionals have a sense of the signs when they may be fired from their job. In the technology world, unfortunately, this happens all too frequently. New projects, overseas hiring, and company buyouts seem to be the norm in the IT market. On top of that, there is tough competition for the best-paying IT jobs.

If you’d like to avoid becoming another statistic, here are some ways to know if you are about to lose your IT job.

Keep an eye on the company stock value.

Every IT professional should have an understanding not only of technical topics, but also financial ones. All companies are required to release financial statements on a quarterly basis. Take the time to review them and note any red flags such as a drop in stock value or a large amount of stock shares being sold off.

Notice if the company is replacing humans with technology.

It may seem ironic, but more and more companies are cutting costs by automating functions that were previously held by human employees. From software to robotics, there are a variety of ways that companies are automating tasks so that they are no longer controlled by people. If your company is leaning towards this direction, it could be time for you to make your exit strategy.

Pay attention to your performance.

At your workplace, you may also be subjected to regular performance reviews. Take the time to carefully note how your performance is improving over time. If there are complaints about your work, even if they’re unfounded, you could be subject to termination. Work with your supervisor to improve your skills, obtain industry certifications, and take on greater responsibility to become indispensable to the company.

You’re being left out.

Being ostracized by your peers and even your boss is a sure sign that your job is in jeopardy. If you previously had good relationships with your colleagues, take a step back and try to reestablish these connections. Find out if you’ve been left out of important meetings or even events that take place off the clock such as lunch meetings and special projects.

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