The summer months can be an ideal time to start hiring light industrial workers for your company. This is often the peak season for managing new projects and conducting inventory counts. Light industrial workers come from all walks of life and many are looking for entry-level positions leading to long-term employment. When you’re looking to hire light industrial staff, there are some tips you can use to increase your success rate.

Understand what each light industrial job requires.

Before you start advertising for light industrial workers, be sure to understand the requirements of each job type. It is always a good idea to evaluate your jobs on an annual basis. They can change over time and therefore, you need to hire different people to fill these roles. Use the new descriptions to advertise and match the right candidates to the right jobs.

Look to an industrial staffing agency for support.

There are many types of temporary staffing agencies in the area, but in order to hire the best industrial employees, you will want to work with an agency in this area of expertise. An industrial staffing agency will have the resources and ability to place quality industrial workers in your organization. They understand the industry requirements and can partner with your company to supply you with ongoing employees.

Screen all industrial workers carefully.

It can be tempting to the hire just about anyone off the street because industrial jobs generally do not require advanced skills. However, this is not the best course of action. You will want to carefully assess and screen all industrial workers before placing them in assignments. Bringing people onboard in temporary-to-perm jobs can be a good way to evaluate if candidates have what it takes to work with your company long term.

Clearly define expectations.

When interviewing candidates for light industrial work opportunities, you will want to define the goals of each job. Provide candidates with a full job description and talk to them at length about the objectives that your company has. Make sure that candidates understand you are investing a great deal of time and money into their success and that you expect them to stay on board for at least six months to a year.

Hire for technical and soft skills.

While you will have to hire light industrial workers who possess certain work-related skills such as forklift operation and warehouse safety you will also want to consider the soft skills that candidates bring to the table. For example, effective time management translates to more productive employees. Being able to work well with others and demonstrating leadership skills can help your industrial candidates to grow into advanced roles within your company. Look for the long-term potential in every candidate.


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