Ready to tackle your next interview for an administrative position? You may be hoping to land a job quickly by making a great first impression on the hiring manager. You already know you have what it takes as a strong administrative candidate. So, how can you ensure that you have the perfect admin interview that gets you to a job offer immediately? Pulling this off means thinking like the company hiring manager to say and do all the right things. Here are some pointers.

Show up early.

Administrative people are the folks who make the company look good to clients, vendors, and other employees. They generally show up early, get the coffee brewing, and ready the office for each day of business. Make it a point to arrive at least 15 minutes early for your interview, enthusiastic and smiling. You want to give the impression that you have the right attitude and personality for the job, and that you are eager to serve the company well.

Look the part.

Impressions take seconds to make, so the sooner you appear looking the role of a professional administrator, the better. Dress in the proper business attire, conservative but not overdressed. Wear tasteful jewelry, and go light on the makeup and cologne. Wear comfortable shoes, but dressy enough for office wear. Bring a pen with you and a small pad of paper to jot down notes.

Come recommended.

Instead of bringing just a boring resume with you, why not come with a set of recommendation letters ready to hand to the recruiter? This lets the hiring team know you are a valuable candidate before they even start reviewing your work history and education during the interview. Recommendations can be obtained by asking your former managers and colleagues to write a simple one-page letter for you in advance, so be sure to gather a few ahead of time.

Be prepared.

Your ability to demonstrate industry knowledge, office procedures and business information is vital in the interview. Come prepared to answer the tough questions, especially those that relate to the specific industry you are interviewing for. This can result in the perfect interview scenario for you, and one that will help you to impress even the more picky hiring managers.


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