On the prowl for a clerical or administrative job in Central and Southern Mississippi? Maybe you’ve been a little worried because you are not seeing too many jobs advertised in your area of expertise. Or the jobs that are listed are for the same companies over and over again, which means they may not be the best places to work (high turnover?). How can you find a clerical job that’s right for you? By tapping into the “secret” clerical jobs that are not posted on any job website or freebie advertisement source.

Get in touch with your local workforce services.

Every community has a workforce development office that’s run by the state and county government. This office may be combined with the unemployment division for your region. Local employers will often seek clerical help through this agency because they want to support the local economy. Be sure to register here and submit your resume if you want to land a clerical job this way.

Take voluntary positions with local organizations.

While you are searching for a clerical job in MS, you can stay active in your career by volunteering at a local church, temple, nonprofit organization or civic group. This can be a great way to keep your skills sharp, demonstrate your worth as a clerical professional, and learn of companies who may be hiring. If you are lucky, the organization may be able to offer you a paid position, too.

Temporary staffing agencies have clerical work.

Clerical jobs are plentiful with staffing agencies like TempStaff in MS. We have part-time, full-time, temporary, and temp-to-perm opportunities. Take the time to search our job board and apply to the clerical and administrative jobs you find here.

Attend job fairs and other career and industry events.

Each year, there are several job fairs, industry conferences, and other events that can put you in front of employers. Bring plenty of copies of your resume and prepare to be able to show that you know a lot about clerical and office work.

College and university typing pools need help.

Another secret source of clerical jobs in MS are the local colleges and universities. That’s because there are hundreds of students who need typing support for their homework assignments and term papers. You have the clerical skills and can offer your typing service for an hourly rate, or charge by the project. Sign up for the typing pool or drop your business card off at the campus library and career centers.

Join social media groups for clerical careers.

Social networks like LinkedIn provide access to clerical jobs that are not posted elsewhere. Be sure to join at least two groups for clerical and administrative workers and share your expertise. State on your profile that you are seeking clerical work and are open to freelance projects too.

If you need help finding clerical jobs, click here to contact the staffing experts at TempStaff today!


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