The job search process has changed a lot over the years. Once it was standard to mail a cover letter and resume to potential light industrial employers, then wait weeks for a response, then finally get asked for an interview. In other cases, either you saw a “Help Wanted” sign on the door and walked in to speak to a decision maker, or you knew someone who worked at a company and could put in a positive word for you. If you were lucky, you’d be offered a job on the spot, after a nice exchange.

Nowadays, it’s much more common to see job opportunities listed on career portals and job search boards. There’s very little human interaction up until the interview process, and even that is somewhat mechanical because recruiters must process people efficiently. Light industrial employers are less tolerant of people taking up their time with cold calls asking about a job.

Instead, the smart job seeker must find a way to get recruiters to notice them, and reach out with information about light industrial career opportunities. How can you create enough interest and intrigue that a recruiter will call you?

1. Send a copy of your resume and cover letter to the recruiter.

Take the time to mail off a copy of your best resume and cover letter to introduce yourself as a possible candidate for an upcoming position. Include a professional business card and invite the recruiter to give you a call at their convenience. This gives the recruiter a chance to learn about you, so when you do talk by phone they will have already reviewed your qualifications.

2. Call the recruiter off hours and ask for a meeting.

Call when the business is closed and dial the recruiter’s extension. If you aren’t sure what number to call, check the automated directory which often lists people by their first or last name. Then leave a detailed and intriguing message inviting them to call you. Say something like, “Hello, my name is John Doe and you received my information lately. Please give me a call to learn more.”

3. Send a thank-you card in the mail.

Whether the recruiter calls or not, send a thank-you card in the mail a few days later to acknowledge their effort to review your qualifications for employment. Include a note asking them to connect with you by phone or social media. Send a social media connection request via LinkedIn or Twitter if you can. Ask for a meeting to discuss how you can benefit the company.

Try these methods to get the recruiter to call you. If they don’t work, then take the bold approach and either find out if the company uses a local staffing agency and go this route, or visit with the company recruitment team at an upcoming career fair.


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  1. Torey Craft

    I’m currently in search of warehouse work in the Pike Co. area. I worked at Weyerhaeuser for 4 years and have been out of work and searching for employment for the past 2 months! I would greatly appreciate it ,if I could be a candidate for any positions you have open.


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