It is the goal of every business leader to build a dream team of highly effective employees who have the right skills, attitudes, and abilities to propel their business forward. But, this effort often falls short for a number of reasons. Either the right people are too difficult to find, or the wrong people are hired in the haste of trying to grow the business fast. Nothing in life or business ever comes easy. That’s why it’s important to take the time to locate the members of your workforce who can contribute great things.

How can you assemble a dream team for your business? Here are the skills you need to be hiring for this year.


Above all else, hire people who have proven that you can trust them to get the job done well, to listen to your guidance, and to not put the business at risk. Hire pre-screened candidates who don’t have damaging secrets in their backgrounds. Test for honesty by giving people a time period to prove themselves. Don’t tolerate lies, excuses, or poor work habits.


A dream team should be made up of employees who are top communicators. They know how to get ideas and concepts across to others, using a variety of mediums. They are always looking for ways to improve their communication skills with continual learning and taking on new projects where they can practice. Communication is the key to a successful venture, especially as the world continues to grow in transparency.

Personal Growth

Top performance employees are learning employees. The drive and desire to learn throughout a career is the hallmark of unstoppable talent. When people push themselves to their own limits in learning, they can then use this knowledge to be better problem solvers and leaders at work. Make learning the heart of your company and you will attract these types of people.


Candidates who can prove that they are results-driven by past work performances, achievements, and community efforts are not to be ignored. These are the people you want on your team. Results stemming from work projects, causes, and goals are an important aspect of building a power team of employees.

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