A big part of the success of your career depends on how well you get to know and fit in with your peers on the job. If you have ever been in a job and felt like an outsider, then you probably realized quickly that you needed to get out. There’s nothing worse than being left out of the loop on a work team. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to start building positive relationships with the people you spend the majority of your week with – your co-workers.

How can you improve your interpersonal relationships with co-workers, your boss, and other people in and around your company? Start by using these helpful tips.


Just showing up at work and conducting a few tasks each day isn’t enough. If you want to have a positive work experience, a little more effort is required on your behalf. Step up and participate in conversations, activities, and projects with your co-workers. Even if it’s just another silly birthday song sung to someone in another cubicle lane, get up and make the effort.

Be Approachable

Make it a point to be friendly and approachable by others in your workplace. Keep a candy jar filled with chocolate on your desk to encourage people to stop by for a chat. Smile at others in the hallways and breakrooms, making small talk as appropriate. Open doors for others. Let people know you are someone they can look forward to getting to know.

Find Commonalities

While you and your co-workers may come from very different backgrounds, there’s bound to be some areas where you can find a common ground. Maybe you have a nice array of plants on your desk and you can share one with a new co-worker. Or maybe you discover that your cubicle mate enjoys reading Science Fiction like you do. Make an effort to get to know what other people are into and find a way to bridge the gaps.

Work Hard

Be a good person and hold up your end of the company. Show up to work on time every day and leave when you should. Contribute by being accountable for your work habits and time. Offer to help others when they need support (ask first). Cheer others on when they do something great, and offer positive feedback often.

By following the above tips, you will find your relationships getting easier and better at work. If you’re looking for a help fitting into your current career or want assistance finding a new job you can really blend into, contact the staffing experts at TempStaff today!


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