Companies require good people in order to thrive in a changing market. In order to hire the best people, a company must have sound recruitment practices that include plenty of interviewing, screening, reference checking, and assessing skill sets as they apply to each job type. Unfortunately, there are companies out there that have poor methods of recruiting, and therefore, end up with poorly matched candidates who cannot get the job done. Worse yet, they put the company at risk.

Is your company committing deadly hiring mistakes that can lead to disappointment? Here are a few your team may be making without even realizing.

No telephone screening

If you are calling candidates into the office for their initial interview then you are making a mistake. How? A brief phone screen should be the first step towards determining if a candidate is worth taking the time for an interview. This can help save time and resources by asking a few pertinent questions up front.

Asking overly general interview questions

The job interview is not a time to grill the candidate on a list of a dozen or more general interview questions – and believe me, candidates are ready with well-rehearsed answers. Instead, make it a point to ask poignant questions that are focused on real job scenarios and skills that the candidate may face.

Doing all the talking

If you think an interview is all about the recruiter talking, you are entirely wrong. Instead, let the candidate do most of the talking. The idea is to learn as much as you can during the short span of time you have with this person. Ask open-ended interview questions, and dig below the surface.

Making a job offer too soon

Your company may be in need of a human body to fill a certain role immediately, but the biggest mistake you can make is offering a job on the spot. Before you make any job offer, carefully review the candidate with at least one other leader in the company, and check all educational and career background information as well.

Forgetting to check criminal history and drug testing

Too many companies make the costly mistake of neglecting to run the candidate through a criminal history check or asking them to submit to a drug screen before an offer of employment is made. Imagine the damage this can do when a candidate is discovered to have a real drug problem or a criminal history that poses a risk to your company?

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