Interviewing people for entry-level positions can pose a challenge for any hiring manager. There are several reasons for this. First, candidates who present for entry-level positions often have limited-to-no previous career experience. This can make it difficult to obtain references and to have talking points during the interview. Secondly, entry-level candidates may not know what type of job they would like to have. They also have limited experience with interviewing as a whole, which can be frightening for them. Line up a room of entry-level candidates and they will easily become stressed out and confused as to what’s expected of them.

Fortunately, there are some better ways of managing entry-level job interviews. The following tips will help make this process effective for your company.

Create an informal, casual career event.

Instead of the typical interviewing process where a candidate feels interrogated, a better way of interviewing entry-level candidates is to set up an informal event for meeting each person. This can be as easy as scheduling an open house and inviting new college graduates and entry-level candidates who are interested in working for the company. Keep things light, provide small finger foods, music, and have a team of recruiters available to mingle with the group. You will find that this method help bring out their personalities better than putting them in a room under hot lights and expecting them to perform. Schedule interviews with each person by using a signup sheet at the event.

Prepare candidates in advance for interviews.

In order to maximize the efficiency of interviewing entry-level candidates, you will want to prepare them for what to expect next. Send each candidate an email invitation with a list of things that you will need them to do. Include detailed information about the company, including directions to the office and what to bring. If you are setting up a series of group interviews as part of the process, you will also want to send a schedule along so they can plan accordingly. At least 3 days before any interview takes place, pick up the phone and speak personally with the entry-level candidates to make sure any problems are ironed out.

Have relevant information and questions prepared.

Entry-level interviews will go smoother if you also prepare for this time. Set up the meeting space with plenty of comfortable seating, water bottles, snacks, and notepads and pens. Have relevant interview questions printed out and ready to reference during the interview. Create a fun ice breaker activity for each candidate. Have several team members available to support you in this effort. You will also want to plan to give each candidate a personal tour of the building and meet key personnel along the way.

Candidates who are new to the working world will appreciate the effort you make to improve the interviewing process, and you will be able to effectively learn about each person during this time to make the right hiring decisions. Partner with TempStaff to find the best candidates available for your open positions, entry-level or otherwise!


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