Are you the new guy on the bottom of the totem pole at work? Then you are probably known as the rookie at work. This awkward time is something that will pass. But in the meantime, you want to watch out for some of the mistakes that rookies make in a new job.

Here’s how to survive as the new employee, and make a positive impression on others.

Please ask, don’t assume.

One of the biggest problems with being the new person is that you do not have all the information upfront that you need to do your job. This takes time and practice to learn. The worst thing you can do is just assume something and not get the right information. You could make a huge mistake that could cost the company money and you’ll end up making your boss look bad. Always err on the side of asking another seasoned employee or your manager before you make any moves as a rookie.

Don’t try too hard to stand out.

It’s natural to want to prove yourself as the rookie in a new position. However, watch out for trying to do too much too fast. Being overly confident or enthusiastic and backfire. You’ll end up annoying current employees in the process. Instead, be open to learning from others and only offer suggestions when you are asked. Keep an open mind and remember that people stay in jobs by being team players.

Underpromise, overdeliver.

It could be easy to promise the moon when you are a rookie, but this is before you really know your job and the company’s capabilities. When dealing with clients, be sure to underpromise and overdeliver. This is a basic sales precept that will help you stay out of trouble. Again, if you are not sure about something do not promise a customer anything until you have first talked it over with your boss.

Work with the system, don’t try to fix it.

Get to know the systems and procedures in place — they are there for a reason. When you are first on a job, it’s easy to objectively see all the things that could possibly be wrong with the way things are done at the company. It’s also easy to compare the way you may have done things in the past with a former employer. Try to resist the urge to reinvent the wheel. Learn the systems that are in place within the company and understand why they are there before you make any changes. Remember, these systems were here long before you arrived on the scene.

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