Have you started to dread going to work most days? Do you look at your job as dull and uninspiring? If your career has “lost that loving feeling” and that former excitement you had is fading…perhaps you are ready for a breakup?

Sounds like you may be ready for a new job, but you want to be sure you can fall head over heels with it so you don’t end up in Splitsville again. Here’s how to find a career that will give you butterflies once again.

Figure out what you REALLY want to do

Have you started to feel like some of your best talents are going to waste in your current job? You are not alone. Many jobs start out great, but it quickly becomes apparent that it’s lacking the ability to fulfill all your career dreams. Now is the time to get in touch with what you really want in a career and go after it. Take a career inventory and personality test to focus on a specific type of career that’s a good match for your skills and interests.

Decide what you like and what you can live with

Every job has its ups and downs. There may be some redeeming qualities about your current job or some things that you can focus on whule you work on getting a better job. Determine what kinds of projects and tasks you enjoy, then ask for more of that. In the meantime, get some training in the areas you are weak in and build your skills and confidence.

Try a temporary job (or two) on for size

A career is a bit like dating, some say. You start out looking at the bright shiny promise of happiness and over time you start to experience the reality. By then it’s too late and you feel stuck. Instead, play the field a little and try a few careers on before you commit. A temporary assignment or two may do you some good, and you’ll learn a few new skills along the way. TempStaff can help you find a great new temporary position today!

These are just a few ways to pinpoint a potential match in a career and start taking steps towards building a career you can fall in love with.


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