The world of work is changing and it is up to professionals to adapt their behavior and work habits to keep with current and future trend. Consider that, just a couple of years ago no one would ever think of bringing their mobile phones to their office in order to stay connected to their peers. Technology and the emergence of new generations in the workforce are driving changes and smart professionals need to keep pace with.

Here are some of the traits that job seekers and workers need to have to be successful in 2016.

1. The willingness to embrace change

It’s no longer acceptable to do things only one particular way. The new values of a growing millennial workforce, combined with changes in the structure of many jobs require that people become more adaptable. Change is something to look forward to, instead of fearing. And the workplace will continue to change over the next year, particularly as new technology and methods of managing tasks evolve. Being able to adapt to change well will help you stand out as a worker.

2. Being self-directed

A growing number of employees have the ability to work remotely, at least part of the time. This means many more jobs will require autonomous work habits including the ability to be self-motivated, manage time well, and be responsible for projects that you are assigned. One of the highest values of this generation is a strong sense of accountability. If you can demonstrate this in the workplace, you will be respected above all others.

3. Having strong communication skills

Communication has always been a strong trait for workers but in today’s work environment the ability to communicate across multiple media is critical to success. For example, being able to adapt to different types of communication, from emails to in-person presentations, is highly revered in the workplace. Work on your verbal communication skills as well as your written skills to stand out as a top performer.

4. Being a lifelong learner

It is always been important to develop your skills as an employee, but it is become critical in today’s workplace. In order to succeed in any career it is imperative that you participate in ongoing learning opportunities. Whether your employer supplies onsite training or you have the chance to take classes online, continue to learn and increase your skills in order to succeed in your career. Industry certificates look great on your resume too.

5. Leadership development

For the first time in history, leaders are not simply those who are titled ‘managers’ at work. Leaders can come out of any work team and it is encouraged in most workplaces that leaders identify their strengths and use them to become subject matter experts. Everyone has the ability to lead in some area. Start exploring your leadership abilities and develop them so that others can start to see you in these terms.

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