Have you ever heard of ‘holiday hangover’? Perhaps, you have experienced it yourself. We aren’t talking about the typical hangover induced by alcoholic drinks but a remnant of the holiday. Whether it is the Christmas & New Year holiday or a vacation, employees often suffer from a holiday hangover. They may not even be aware of it. Many managers or business owners don’t realize this and instead they expect the employees to be optimally productive right from the first day.

As a manager or leader, you should make an attempt to get your staff back on track after the holidays. Here is how you can do so.

Begin with some of the simplest tasks.

Don’t expect people to swing back to their productive best from the very first hour. You need to get them into the groove of things. Keep the simplest tasks to be done first and perhaps keep things light for the first day or two. Let the employees get into the swing of things and once they warm up, you can prep them for the larger and more complicated tasks.

It is very essential to reiterate what everyone has accomplished.

And what everyone must aim for. Focusing solely on the future will not be effective as people need to be reminded what they are capable of. Then one must be reminded of the future plans, the immediate objectives and the exact goals that the company has and every individual has for herself or himself. This reiteration should get everyone excited. It shouldn’t appear to be cumbersome.

A leader must always find a good reason why the team must work hard or put in their best.

The generic rewards or the larger interests of the company are not enough. One has to establish the personal connect of the objective with every individual. Everyone has aspirations and a leader must be able to connect those desires to the aspirations of objectives of the company. Hence, there has to be a reason for employees to commit wholeheartedly and to give everything they have. The sooner you can establish this, the sooner you would have your staff back on track.

Focus on health and wellness, professional and personal development of the staff.

Have team resolutions to instill a sense of being and unity, make work a tad more fun than it is and get your staff something to look forward to, which could be a party at the end of the month or some incentive that will spice things up for the moment.


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