Now the 2016 is finally here, a good many job seekers are brushing up their resumes, polishing their elevator pitches, and getting their power suits on in preparation for a great new career. You may find yourself looking for a job this year too, but wondering how you can stand out among a sea of other candidates?

Research has proven over and over again that recruiters only glance at a candidate’s resume and qualifications for a few seconds before moving on. This means you literally have to take steps to grab their attention. Impressions, particularly at the start, make a huge difference.

The good news is that you can put forward a sparking first impression with companies seeking talent like you have. Here’s some tips to shine like a diamond.

1 – Create an outstanding resume

For most jobs, your resume will be the first introduction of you to a hiring manager. Therefore, your resume should accurately represent your brand, your level of professionalism, and your value. Work with a career coach or resume writer to revamp your current resume.

2 – Build a strong social presence

Nearly every recruiter and HR professional in the world checks out the social networking profiles of candidates before reaching out to them for an interview. How do your social profiles look? You will want to shine them up by improving your profile photo, updating your career and educational history, getting some new recommendations, and cleaning up all questionable content.

3 – Connect with the right people

You can instantly improve your image simply by the people you associate with. Join networks and groups of thought leaders in your industry and the business world. Get on the radar of these people. When recruiters start probing into your background, an influential contact elevates you to the next level.

4 – Be your best personal appearance

You can only shine when you feel good about yourself and allow confidence to happen. Dressing nicely, getting a new haircut, picking out a new job interview outfit, and trying a new scent can all help you to look and feel better. Start exercising more to boost your good feeling hormones.

5- Win people with your personality

Above all else, make the most of your natural personality to get people to admire you. Even if you tend to be shy, a smile can go a long way. Focus on verbal language, and non-verbal body queues when you are interviewing.


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