Now that 2015 is a thing of the past, many human resources professionals are looking forward to a positive and productive 2016. But, this year promises to be a doozy as HR folks continue to take on bigger roles within their organizations. No longer is HR viewed as just personnel. We have put on our leadership shoes that make us part of the executive team – where the big decisions are made.

What’s in store for the HR department in the first quarter of the new year? Let’s take a look at what’s trending.

Increased focus on cost-effective staffing and recruitment

As the market landscape looks positive for 2016 and beyond, many companies are looking for ways to improve the ROI on their recruitment efforts to place the best candidates into jobs fast. By partnering with a staffing agency with streamlined services and processes, any company can control costs and hire top performing candidates in 2016.

It’s a candidate-driven market now

Unemployment numbers are at historic lows, which means there are less candidates available in the job market. On top of that, we are losing baby boomers from the workplace at a rate of 10,000 per day, and millennials are now entering the workforce to become the largest group of workers ever. It’s become a candidate-driven market, therefore companies must compete for the best talent like never before.

Compensation and benefits continue to influence staffing budget

Along with the normal costs of staffing going up for elements like background and drug screens, compensation and benefits are taking up a larger portion of staffing budgets going into the New Year. HR will be faced with ways to reduce health care premium costs and introducing employees to paying for more of the share.

Human resources must embrace technology

One of the trends that the HR department can look forward to in the coming year is the increased use of real time data and SaaS solutions to analyze and monitor the processes of every operation. HR technology has grown increasingly important in most workplaces and it’ hard to imagine life before.


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