In the day of online review sites, the need for great customer service is now more important than ever. An unhappy customer will have posted a negative review about your company within minutes of receiving poor service, and if you have enough people doing that, your reputation can quickly become tarnished. The good news is that good customer service is not that hard to deliver, but it does require everyone to be on the same page.

Here are eight customer service policies that can help make that happen:

  1. Common courtesy – While this may sound like a no-brainer, there is always the possibility that an employee could resort to rudeness when faced with an angry customer. It has to be made clear that such outbursts will not be tolerated, and that courtesy should always be on display.
  2. Professionalism – When on the sales floor, business should always be job one. This is the case even when customers are scarce. Hanging out with other employees or checking their smartphones are things that should be done during scheduled breaks.
  3. Deliver more – Offering the bare minimum may well see the customer leave with what they came for, but going above and beyond will have them leaving happy, and will more-than-likely make them a repeat customer.
  4. Dress for success – Being professional means dressing in a way that makes it clear your employees are there to work. Allowing torn jeans or ratty t-shirts on the sales floor is not only unprofessional, it sets a negative tone for your business.
  5. Get to know your regulars – Developing a relationship with everyone who walks in the door is impossible, but it’s not that tough to get to know your regulars. The people who come back time and again are very likely the same people that tell everyone they meet about how great your business is. The better you look after them, the more positive their word of mouth becomes.
  6. Have resources readily available – Part of delivering a professional service involves making it appear as though you are ready for every eventuality. Having a salesperson leaving the counter in search of bags or receipt paper will make the customer think that your business is far from professional.
  7. Proper training – Your best employees will be those who know what to do without giving it a second thought. The only way they can do that is through proper training. Organize regular training sessions as refresher courses or when you are about to implement a new policy.
  8. Streamline the sales process – When you purchase online, you expect the sales process to be fast and painless. That same level of service should be delivered at the store level, too. You don’t want to have an ever-growing line of customers waiting for seemingly endless data to be entered with each sale. That line will shrink when people become frustrated and leave, likely never to return.

We  hope you have learned some things about your company and your customer service management ability from the above tips. If you need help finding top-quality customer service professionals, partner with TempStaff today!


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