Can you remember the last time you took a day off? And by taking a day off – we mean actually unplugging from your job and technology for more than 24 hours? If you have a nagging feeling that you need a change of pace at work, it could be time to schedule a day off to regroup. Here are the top-five signs that you need to make some positive changes in your job in order to maintain your sanity.

1. You’re always exhausted

It’s natural to be tired at the end of a busy work day, but if every day has you feeling mentally, physically, and emotionally drained, it could be a sign that you are not managing your tasks and time very well at work. Take a step back for a moment and make a list of the work that you complete on a regular basis each day. Notice any redundancies or overlaps in tasks. You will also want to consider your personal lifestyle and habits. Are you over reliant on caffeine, cigarettes, or other substances to get through each day? Are you eating well, or getting enough rest at night? A trip to your doctor’s office could rule out a potential health issue that’s causing you to be drained all the time.

2. You dread going to work

Do you wake up in the morning with this sick feeling in your stomach? This is a huge sign that something needs to change in your career. Stop and think about what it is that you are dreading the most.  Is it your relationship with your boss or co-workers? Is it the type of tasks that you must perform each day? Is it your daily commute to work? While you can’t change everything you don’t like about your job, you can change the way you view your job and the challenges of it. Speak with someone that you trust about this feeling to see if there is any way to resolve things. Make some subtle changes in your attitude to cope with the factors that you fear the most.

3. You feel underappreciated

It can be hard to put your finger on this sign, but a vast number of people often feel underappreciated by the companies they work for. This can be a combination of factors. For example, people often believe that they are underpaid for the type of work that they do. Others do not get the type of feedback that they need to know they are on the right track. Sometimes, people just need some recognition from their supervisor or colleague once in a while. If you feel underappreciated, find ways to treat yourself for a job well done.

4. You are not using all your skills

Very few people actually work in jobs that utilize all of their skills and talents. However, if you are frustrated by the lack of ability to use all your skills in your current job this can be a big sign that you have outgrown your current position.  This may be an opportune time to speak with your supervisor about changing some of your responsibilities or taking on a special project that honors your skills. You may also want to explore a career change or take on a temporary assignment to try some new types of jobs before you commit

5. You’ve lost touch with friends and family

Have you lost touch with your friends, family, and the activities that you used to enjoy? A job can easily suck up much of your time if you allow it to. While you may feel stuck in a rut with no way out, you must develop habits that allow you to stay connected to the real world outside of work.  Schedule regular time off to enjoy life. Make your personal health and well-being a priority. A company that values you will support this goal.

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2 Responses to “5 Signs You Need a Change of Pace at Work”

  1. Harold Leonard

    All 5 of these signs apply to me plus many more. I spoke to my supervisor “myself” about time off or a pay increase as I have not had either in the past 10 years. I was declined on both.

    • Mackenzie

      Sorry to hear about that Harold! That’s a rotten situation.
      If you want to browse open jobs, we have plenty! Click here –
      or contact our offices at any time! –
      Happy New Year, and we hope 2016 brings a much needed career change to you!


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