With the fall season upon us, many employees will hit a lull because they miss the summer vacations and the beautiful, warm weather. Because of this, you will need to keep employee morale as high as possible. Here are 10 tips that should help your staff with their morale levels this fall.

  1. Schedule an Outdoor Fun Day
    There is nothing wrong with having fun at work. A scheduled day of fun outside of the office can help the moral of your employees instantly. Consider pumpkin picking or another fun fall activity.
  2. Offer Time Off
    The most popular discussion these days is about work-life balance, so why not provide employees with an extra day or two off this fall? They will definitely appreciate it and their work will benefit due to reduced stress and worry about stuff at home.
  3. Encourage Breaks
    Encourage your employees to take breaks throughout the day. They should not sit at their desk or work on their computer for hours on end without walking away for a minute or two. This will help their eyes and mind become refreshed.
  4. Have Lunch Delivered
    Tell your employees to leave their lunches at home one or more Fridays this fall so you can provide it for them. Have everyone come to the break room at the same time, if possible, to enjoy a company-purchased lunch with everyone.
  5. Encourage Positive Attitudes
    The attitude exhibited by your employees will likely be influenced by the attitude of management. Make sure your management team has a positive attitude so it rubs off on the rest of the employees.
  6. Redesign the Office
    Get rid of all the cubicles on the office floor and perform a major redesign. Even though this will cost some money, it will be well worth it if your employees are suffering from very low morale right now.
  7. Reward Employees
    Rewarding employees for a job well done goes a long way to fixing morale. When you reward your employees for completing a project, hitting a milestone or bringing in new clients, you let them know how much they are appreciated by the company.
  8. Recognize Special Events
    There are special events in the lives of all your employees and they should be recognized at the office. Whether you celebrate a birthday, birth of a child, wedding, milestone anniversary or graduation; it will help morale improve.
  9. Sharing is a Two-Way Street
    Encourage your employees to share ideas with each other and with management. Ideas don’t just come down from management.
  10. Make Work Comfortable
    If you cannot perform a complete redesign of the office right now, try to make it as comfortable as possible for employees. This can be done by putting a new color paint on the walls, new curtains on the windows, new desk chairs at cubicles, changing the lighting scheme and more.


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