It’s very common for companies that are looking to hire for open jobs to not receive the best candidates. There could be various reasons for this, but a major cause is the overall hiring process. Candidates do not want to spend hours on end applying for a job at one company. They also don’t want to have to jump through a series of hoops. If you are having a problem attracting the best candidates, perhaps it’s time to look at some of the common ways your hiring process could be scaring away candidates.

Too Many Requirements

There is no reason to include an extensive list of requirements in your job posting. Stick to only what is required to perform the job. Listing a ton of technology requirements for a developer job can lead candidates to either lie about their skills or not apply for the job at all, even if they are qualified for it.

Poorly Written Job Descriptions

If candidates have trouble figuring out what it is the job duties entail, it is because you have written a poor description of the job. A poorly written job description will prevent candidates from applying to your company. Stay away from vague descriptions and be as thorough as possible so candidates know what they are getting themselves into with your company.

Employers are Judged Too

Employers do a lot of judging when interviewing and screening candidates, but employers must remember that they are judged by the candidates, too. This means that candidates might reject job offers or turn down interview opportunities for various reasons. Those reasons could include interviewers arriving late for interviews, human resource managers failing to return calls and rushing candidates through the process. Check out company review sites to see if anyone is complaining about this.

Lengthy Application Process

Take a long look at your hiring process. How long does it take from the time an application is submitted to an employee’s start date? If it is months on end, you are likely scaring candidates away because the process takes too long. Now, it should not take a matter of days either; that is way too short. You need to find a happy medium. If the process is longer than usual for your company, do your best to keep the candidates in the loop as to what is occurring.

The hiring process is very important for a company because it can either attract top talent or scare it off. Analyze your hiring process today and begin to make changes in order to increase your candidate flow.


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