You send off your brand-new cover letter and resume to hundreds of companies, get a few email confirmations, and then…nothing. This is something that many job seekers find highly frustrating. After all, you have the right skills, education, and work experience to qualify for most jobs, right?

Hold on. There could be a few simple reasons why you are not landing interviews as often as you’d like.

1. Your email registers as spam and other technology matters

One of the reasons that you may not be getting called in for interviews is technology glitches. Some email administrators do not open emails with attachments, some may even be filtering your email right into the spam folder. Use a widely accepted email address (like Gmail) to send resumes (copy and paste them into the body of your email message). What about your phone number? Are you using a cell phone or home phone to receive messages? Make sure your number is active and there’s room on the answering service.

2. You are searching in all the wrong places

A big problem that comes up in job searches is that there are a lot of outdated job search boards out there, even the big-name ones. So, the jobs you are applying to now may have been filled weeks ago. Or you may be searching for jobs on unfiltered advertising sources (Craigslist) where scammers abound. Instead of wasting time searching for a job in all the wrong places, reach out to community job support centers and up-to-date sources for job leads.

3. You’ve forgotten about temporary agencies

Have you been applying everywhere and still not getting any results? Or maybe you just aren’t seeing a lot of new job adverts lately? Don’t forget about the staffing agencies in your area that many companies go to first to find great candidates! It’s time to make an appointment and get registered for part-time, full-time, and temp-to-perm jobs that pay well and often offer benefits, too.

4. You are applying for the wrong types of jobs

While you may be applying for a bunch of jobs, there is a very real possibility that you have lost focus on what you have to offer and are applying for jobs that don’t fit you. Take the time to look over your work history, your accomplishments, and your interests. Do you have the qualities that job advertisements list? You may not have everything on job requirements, but you should meet at least half of them before you apply anywhere.

5. You are not getting the support that’s out there

The job search process can be long and lonely. But, you don’t have to keep doing this alone. Instead, there are a number of job search resources available right in your hometown. Try community employment centers, the public libraries, and the staffing agencies in your area. Get involved with a job search support group in LinkedIn and connect with industry groups to get connected with the hiring companies in your target market.

Most of all, don’t beat yourself up if you’ve made some of the above mistakes – everyone has. The point is to get focused, stay positive, and your new job will come along soon.


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