Whether you’ve just started working with temporary workers or you have been using this option for your business for a while, the best way to get the most ROI is to streamline your temp workforce. In this way, your new temps can be brought up-to-speed fast, so they can be productive sooner. But, how do you accomplish this feat? Here are some ways to streamline things to give your temp employees a boost.

Develop a clear onboarding program just for temp workers

As soon as possible, you will want to create an employee onboarding process that is geared specifically for your new temps. Why is this important? Temps will have a different experience from your regular employees, so the organization must honor this. There are things that they need to know early on to be successful, and other aspects of the business they don’t necessarily need to know now.

Give temps the right training and tools

To streamline the experience for every temp, establish a training program that is geared for the tasks they will be performing, and be sure all tools are in place for their first day and onward. No one wants to bring a temp in and then discover that they don’t have technology access or the right resources to actually perform their work.

Match all temps to a mentor on the job

To streamline things and cut down on the time and cost of managing temps, take the time to match each temp with an onsite employee who can train them, answer questions, and provide feedback on progress. If the mentor is having problems with a temp, it may be time to replace someone rather than waste time on a temp who is not being productive.

Keep in contact with your staffing agency

Your staffing agent doesn’t simply walk away when you hire a new contract worker. Instead, this should be the start of a new beneficial relationship between you and the staffing agency. The staffing agent needs to know how the temp is doing, if any onsite visits are needed to streamline things further, and if more staffers may be needed in the future. Keep the lines of communication open at all times.

Focus on building the corporate culture

With every new temp you bring into the workplace, you are building upon your existing company culture. Keep this in mind when selecting the temps you want to hire. If someone doesn’t fit, chances they will throw a monkey wrench in the wheel, slowing things down. You don’t want this. Hire only those temps who fit the culture and have the right attitude to help the company succeed.


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