Congratulations, after months searching for a great job, you’ve finally been asked to come in for an interview at your dream company! This is an exciting time indeed, filled with plenty of anticipation. But you’ve come this far in your job search, and there’s no turning back. You can use this interview to your advantage to wow the employer so you will get a job offer next.

Got an interview coming up fast? Here’s some tips for preparing yourself mentally and physically the night before your interview.

Drive by the interview location

It may seem silly, but part of the nerves you will feel the night before a job interview come from worrying if you can find the place or not. Grab your map or GPS device, plug in the location, and drive by the interview location to find it ahead of time. Note the parking areas, and if you need to bring change for a meter or parking garage.

Get a haircut (and a shave)

If you want to look sharp for your job interview, and if you have time, stop by your local barbershop or hair salon and get a quick trim. You will feel a lot more confident if you do this now. If you are a man, get a nice shave too so you feel great for tomorrow.

Pick out your outfit for your interview

Appearance is everything in interviews, so you want to look your best. Get a nice new interview outfit, which may include some business attire. Check out the company online ahead of time to see what the general attire there is. Opt for casual business and conservative clothing, clean shoes, and hosiery.

Print two hard copies of your resume

Stop by the local print shop or use your home inkjet printer to get at least two copies of your resume printed out on nice white paper. Why do this? Because many times recruiters forget to bring a copy of your resume to the meeting room, or they have trouble finding it in their email inbox. You will also be able to hand out an extra copy to anyone else who you meet, and use this to reference during the interview, which makes you look more prepared. Oh, and bring a nice writing pen, too.

Practice your introduction

Your next step in prepping yourself for a job interview is to practice how you will introduce yourself to the recruiter and others at the interview. Look in a mirror for this part. Practice smiling and extending your hand in a welcoming gesture. Note your posture, your eye contact, and your tone of voice.

Make a list of interview questions

Jot down at least three-to-five questions you would like to have answered during the job interview. Make them relevant to the job, the company objectives, and how you fit into the picture. This again shows preparation and a genuine interest in working at the company.

Research and practice answering a few interview questions

It’s always a good idea to spend a little while rehearsing how you will answer some of the interview questions you may be asked. Research sites like Glassdoor and Quora to find out what interview questions are most often asked.

Eat a healthy and light meal

The night before an interview can be filled with nervousness, but it’s no time to skip dinner or binge eat. Take the time to prepare a home-cooked meal that’s healthy and light on your stomach. Avoid any alcoholic beverages, which can leave you feeling bad in the morning.

Get to bed early (set those alarms)

Take the time to get plenty of rest tonight, because tomorrow you will need to be fresh and focused. Got to bed a least 30 minutes early, and be sure to set two alarms to make sure you get up on time. You have a big day tomorrow!



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