Managers are a vital part of any organization, because they are directly responsible for team performance and productivity. Managers are also called to solve problems, smooth over conflicts, and take care of difficult clients. Over time, all of this can become exhausting for some managers who deal with very tough situations on a day-to-day basis.

The summer months can be particularly cruel to managers, because of staffing shortages and seasonal peaks. Without realizing it, they may find themselves used up and burnt out from the job. Try not to let this happen to your best managers. Here are some tips for reducing manager burnout in the summer.

Give managers a break

While managers are vital to the organization, the world will not end if a manager is allowed to take some much-deserved time off. Encourage managers to schedule regular time off for personal rest and relaxation (not work!) and to spend time with family and friends. Even if you have a work-a-holic manager on board, make sure they take the time to recuperate after stressful periods at the company.

Host stress-busting events

The summer is the perfect time to schedule some events that help reduce stress and bring the whole team together in one place. Host a company party, either onsite or at some fun outdoor location, and make sure managers are there to enjoy it, too. Try family-themed events for more participation.

Provide management training

When managers burn out, it’s often because they lack the skills needed in some area of their management ability to manage people and time. Bring in some corporate trainers and teach management skills, or send managers to summer conferences that help them build their skills. Learning is a great tool for increasing performance and retaining your best managers.

Recognize your managers

Managers are often the unsung heroes of the company, which means they are going around giving praise to others but don’t get any in return. Make sure you have a management recognition program in place with nice incentives so that managers start to feel more appreciated in the workplace. Try giving out trips and vacations instead of cash bonuses.

If you implement the above tips in your corporate culture, you will start to see less burned out managers, and more productive happy ones walking around the office.



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