Do you love your job, or are you merely earning a paycheck? The old saying goes, “If you love what you do, you won’t work a day in your life.” This is very true for millions of professionals across the country, while others have yet to find something they love when it comes to work. Below, we will discuss how you can tell if you love your job and if you don’t love your job. One thing you must realize is that there is no perfect job out there, but some certainly might feel like it.

You Enjoy Work

For those who actually love their job, they enjoy the time they spend at work. This means that they do not have to escape to their personal lives after the workday ends to be happy again. They have a job that is actually part of their life and not something separate. Enjoying your work means that you don’t dread showing up at the office in the morning and don’t countdown the minutes until you can leave at the end of the day.

You Refrain from Gossip

Gossip is prevalent in almost every single workplace in America. People who love their jobs refrain from office gossip or from talking about other people. Instead, they talk about the interesting things their co-workers are doing at the office. Happy people at work like to talk about the successes of their co-workers, and not their failures.

Recommend Your Employer to a Friend

People who are happy with their jobs will be more likely to recommend their employer to a best friend or family member. If you didn’t like your job, there is no way you would encourage a close friend or family member to apply for a job there. Instead, you would steer them as far away from the company as possible.

You Look Forward to Things

Another sign that you love your job is that you look forward to things at the office, instead of dreading new assignments from superiors. If a new project is on the horizon, you begin to think of how you can tackle it or hope that you will have it assigned to you.

Managers are Viewed as Co-Workers

People who love their jobs do not view their managers as people for whom they work. Instead, they view their managers as people they work with, quite like co-workers. If you fear your boss, there could be a chance that you don’t like your job.

Worry About Letting Down Co-Workers

Another tell-tale sign that you love your job is that you fear letting down your co-workers at some point during your career. You are so in love with your job that you constantly want to help others and ensure that you never let anyone down at the office. If you don’t care, then it’s time to find a new job.

Do any of these statements apply to you? If so, you might just love your job.


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