Whether you want to believe it or not, your choice of outfits can affect the outcome of your job interview. How? What you wear says a lot about you as a person and as an employee, because people make a lasting impression of you based on appearance. Your interview attire can be part of the good impression you make or the bad impression you make with the company. Don’t let it negatively impact your chances of landing the job. Here’s how to avoid letting your attire mess up an otherwise great interview.

Be Mindful of Colors

One of the first things you must take into consideration when planning your attire for a job interview is color. You do not want to wear anything flamboyant or too bright because it might detract from the interview. It is understandable that you want to stand out from the rest of the crowd, but you don’t need to do it by wearing outlandish clothes. Different colors evoke different meanings and emotions. If you are interviewing for a job as a regular employee, stick with a blue or black suit. If you are interviewing for an executive job, you might be able to get away with something red.

Be Mindful of Your Audience

The next thing to take into consideration when planning your outfit for a job interview is the audience. Think about the company where you are interviewing and who their employees are right now. For example, if you have an interview with Google, you might be able to be a little relaxed in what you wear. But, if you are interviewing with a prestigious law firm, you might want to scale the outfit back a little bit and go with something traditional.

Be Mindful of Mixing Items

You also need to be mindful of how you mix clothing items in your outfit for the job interview. If you are dead-set on wearing a red item in your outfit, try to pair it with something darker. For example, maybe you wear a red shirt with a dark suit. This will help you stand out, but will not make people look at you in astonishment. One piece of advice is to wear as much neutral color clothing as possible and employ just a tiny bit of color that is brighter. You will still be able to wear that color you want to wear, it just won’t be overdone.

Be Mindful of Your Confidence

When planning your outfit for a job interview, you must be mindful of your confidence. Think about it, some people are more confident based on the clothes they wear for specific events. If you are stressing about the interview, but know that wearing a red blazer will help your confidence, then by all means, wear that blazer. The same can be said when it comes to a piece of jewelry. For the most part, you should keep jewelry to a minimum when interviewing for a job, but if a special necklace or watch helps your confidence because it is an heirloom, then wear those items too.

Your outfit can have a major affect on the outcome of your job interview. Make sure you plan an outfit that helps you in the long run.

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