It has been weeks since you’ve heard from any of the companies that you’ve interviewed for. What’s going wrong? Could it be that you’re sabotaging your career chances through your own behaviors? Many job seekers unintentionally make it more difficult on themselves. They may not even realize it. You may find yourself in the same spot. Let’s take a look at some of the self-sabotage that job seekers commit so that you can identify any that you may be doing now.

Using the same old resume

The number one mistake that job seekers make is trying to send the same old resume out in response to job postings. Instead, experts recommend creating several versions of your best resume they cater to the markets that you are applying to. Remember, leave out the kitschy buzzwords and focus on highlighting your skills and achievements.

Not sending a cover letter

It may seem easy to forgo the cover letter when applying for jobs. However, imagine trying to sell a product or service without an introductory explanation of its value. A well-written cover letter works a lot like this. It briefly describes what you bring to the table and why a company would want to take the time to get to know you further.

Choosing to interview at the end of the day

When given a choice of what time you like to go for an interview always choose one of the first morning appointments. Why? Very often, hiring managers make their initial decision of who they would like to hire from the first group of candidates they encounter. Being a morning person makes you look good and will increase your chances of getting a job offer vs. candidates who dragged himself in at the end of the day.

Doing all the talking during the interview

An interview can seem like an interrogation, when in fact it should be a conversation. Be careful during interviews because you are being evaluated for your interpersonal skills and not just how well you answer questions. Let the recruiter ask away, but also be sure to ask some of your own questions during interviews so that you’re not doing all the talking.

Trashing on your ex-employer or boss

No matter how tempting it is never, ever see anything negatively about your former employer or supervisors. This looks very bad to recruiters because it demonstrates immaturity and disloyalty – two traits they do not want to hire for.

Forgetting to follow up after interviews

Another big mistake that could be sabotaging your career is that you fail to send a thank you card or at least an expression of appreciation after an interview. Invest in a cheap pack of thank you cards and always send one out immediately after an interview.

Accepting the first offer that comes along

Career sabotage can occur in many forms and one of the worst is when you accept the very first offer that you receive. When a job offer is made this may be the only time you have to negotiate for a better starting salary and perks with the employer. If the job offer is far below what you believe you deserve run the other direction.

Not considering temporary services

There’s no reason to go about a job search on your own. Temporary services often offer great career opportunities with leading companies in your area. Be sure to register with the best temporary services for your industry and be open to both temporary and long-term assignments. Why is it a mistake not to do this? You could be missing out your dream job.

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