Preparing for a job interview can help you impress the interviewer and increase your chances of being brought back for a second round – or even offered the job. It is important that you know the difference between what is ok to ask an interviewer and what questions you should never ask. We will present you with five interview questions you should never ask in today’s post. Make sure you learn them and avoid them at all costs the next time you sit down for a job interview.

What will my salary be?

It is highly inappropriate to ask about salary and benefits in the first interview. Now, if the topic is broached by the employer, then you can discuss it in greater detail. But, you should never ask the interviewer what your salary or benefits will be during the first or second interviews. These items are typically not discussed until an offer of employment is made.

Will you monitor what I do on social media?

We have all been told in the past to clean our social media profiles when applying for a new job, because employers will look through them to learn about us. If you ask this question during a job interview, it makes it seem like you are trying to hide something. Maybe you took down some inappropriate pictures or comments prior to the interview, but want to return to your normal behavior after you are hired. This question will raise a red flag and might force the employer to look towards someone else for the job.

Is working from home an option?

Even though the job ad might have mentioned the possibility for remote work, you must avoid asking this question in the first interview. If the interviewer brings it up, then go ahead and discuss remote work, but do not ask if you can work from home because you are only interested in that. Asking this question gives the employer the idea that you do not like working in an office or with co-workers, and would rather be alone. The job interview is never the right time to ask for a favor.

Who is your closest competitor?

Job candidates are supposed to perform research prior to the job interview. It is what helps them ask questions of the employer and learn about the company. Candidates who do not perform research will walk blindly into the interview and miss a strong opportunity to land a new job. You should never ask the employer who their closest competitor is. This is something all candidates should know simply by researching the company prior to the interview. This shows the employer that you came unprepared.

Can I leave early if I come in early?

With so many companies offering flexible scheduling these days, it is not uncommon for candidates to wonder if they will be able to come to work early and then leave early. But, make sure you never ask this during the interview. You do not want to convey the notion that you are more concerned about your personal needs than the needs of the company, so avoid this question at all costs.


If you avoid asking any of the five questions discussed above, you should have no trouble impressing an interviewer and landing a great new job.

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